idea 4 the show

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idea 4 the show

Post  zeth hardy on Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:49 am

European Wrestling Society
Date: 23-06-2008
Time: 19:00
Running -->

the EWS show

that show has like cards and has a pic of that wrestler on it and when there match time starts its show that card and on the bottom i has the name of that wrestler i just thought we could do something like that and ill disign the cards and if u like em why dont u put them in the show and in a corner it has the initalz of the show on top with our initalz NICW

and how about getting a picture of a refori and when the wrestler is about to win we get a picture of a reff pinning

for example the ews has that

tak a look at there show i think its kinda good

but i mean our show is better but there r no pictures only boring words


u get the idea right

but i dont want to get fierd this is only a idea Sad
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